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Lords Ladies Jester Villain Joker



The Original Hand N Foot Game

Hand 'n Foot is a medieval card game in pursuit of Lords, Ladies, Jokers, Jesters and Villains. This strategic game full of excitement and daring entertainment, is similiar to Canasta and Rummy, but much more exciting. 

The object of the game, play all 22 cards in a "Hand 'n Foot" , 11 cards each, as quickly as possible while tormenting your oppenents!

Hand 'n Foot, is a 262 - card game developed, copyrighted and trademarked by Durwood and Joyce Miller under JD Ventures. 

The card game comes neatly packaged in a card box with a full set of instructions and helpful hints on how to be a pro Hand 'n Footer.

"It is a real family game," says co-creator Joyce Miller. Generally families with children ages 10 and up can play it, and every hand is different. It is truly a challenge to play. This game can be enjoyed anytime!

The new owners of this game are Josh and Michelle Taylor. Michelle is the niece to Joyce and Durwood Miller. Michelle has played the game since she was about the age of 9. She taught Josh how to play when they met 20 years ago. Their 2 boys are starting to play the game and are really enjoying it. Hand 'n Foot is such a fun family game to play.